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Author:  brerrabbit [ Sun Oct 06, 2019 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Life

Life evolves, not in a straight line, but eventually --unless it dies out --life always advances to the more complex (while the inorganic always devolves to return to the elemental). All our ambitions, our wars and infighting and killing have worked toward this good end. No one is "right" or "wrong". Law, morals, ethics are nothing --merely thoughts in our heads cemented by mob rule or brainwashing (our assorted cultures). Unless we die out first, we seem to be evolving toward Nietzsche's Superman. If we would guard against annihilation, if we would help speed nature along, our Code of Conduct could be threefold.
1. Unity. Ambition is the enemy of unity. We are one.
2. Truth.
3. Goodness. We are Beings, not Doings. We would want nothing but what we need in order to Be. We would strive for perfection, sufficiency and desirability, and encourage nature's bounty.

The human race is one person, one entity: all its members are parts of the whole. All are like the hand and the eye: they are specialized parts --different views, but no competition. Different, but made to serve the whole. To benefit oneself is to benefit us all, as the bee in the hive. We would cherish and protect the differences, the specialized parts and their assorted views, because they represent the advancement of man. They are our essence --essential, for there is no need for the eye to do what the hand does so well.

If we continue on our present path, if we destroy the earth's ability to sustain us, we die. IF. Either way, all one can do is to play one's part.

I'm indebted to Darwin, Nouy, Russell, Nietzsche, Pico, Pythagoras, and Plato for these thoughts.

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Life

Well, Brer, humans have so many differences as to be separate species, but unfortunately interbreeding with too much unbridled lust, keeps us too close for speciation to occur. The biggest one is the low average intelligence and morals. Then you have greed rampant. Overbreeding for the conditions at hand.
Sure, the survivors of a possible Toba event to stop methane runaway in 7-9 years should get rid of nationalism, cultures, religions, with overbreeding, greed and stupidity down to the genetic level ruthlessly, seemingly. They have to adopt restoration, replenishment, and living sustainably as a moral obligation to life in this biosphere. A spiritual awakening to this gift of Earth.
Otherwise we can pray for Divine Intervention.
Without that, it is the seventh great extinction , including the great oxygenation "event". Like then, caused by basically one species and not impact events. Cyanobacteria survive, and we can not. The recovery this time will be much longer because of orbital and axis tilt changes to glacial cycles from impacts over the last 252 million years. The Permian Great Dying was a methane turnover extinction event, like this one induced by human overpopulation's emissions and pollution. It had a different start with an impact into huge methane clathrate beds, cracking the crust on the opposite side causing a huge rift lava flow from the mantle, more CO2 with the methane.
If it gets to an ELE greater than that one, I think it will take over 100 million years for recovery to full diversity of species. Maybe another geologist that sees it will have evolved in another 252 million years. I wonder what he will look like, insectoid? Reptilian?
I hope they have more sense than to breed like yeast until killing the planet with waste products again.

Author:  brerrabbit [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Life

Johhny Electriglide,
Yes, but you can't speak to us like that with any degree of success; we view life differently, as in we the great huddled masses will never accept that our ideals are inferior to yours. We will be combative and we'll probably triumph because our numbers are practically astronomical and more of us are younger and stronger and much, much meaner. Why, we would win by force of habit alone, never mind experience. Actually, we graduates of the fourth grade believe we're superior to you yuppies and eggheads and pencil necks, no offense.

You simply do not have the ear of the stupid, the immoral and the greedy, but really our ear may be all that you need. We don't call it immoral, we call it doing our duty by having large families to cherish, increasing the strength of our tribe. We don't call it greedy, we call it earning our living honorably, building for our far futures, shunning indolence and public welfare. (Of course the feeble minded and the emotionally unstable and the socially malignant are outside the equation --they're rampant, and need identification and control, like yesterday.)

Much of the problem lies in our youth --with age comes wisdom. If you tell us what we can do in human, friendly, collective terms that we can understand and respect, a great many more of us will follow you --I know I would have in a nanosecond! Those who will not listen would face the disapproval of their peers. The concept of Global Warming is controversial, or at least over our heads, but we do know that we can't survive the earth being covered in concrete, or the unrestrained destruction of forests and rivers, or the obsolete statement: "The solution to pollution is dilution". And much of science has been hijacked by greed --maybe the result of a lowered bar of expectation to accommodate higher education of the general public or maybe some of the highly intelligent are greedy too.

We know the awesome power of peer pressure. And brainwashing rocks, I guess. We seem to hang on every word from our leadership, but they are a huge aspect of the problem. (The Chinese laugh at our choices of leaders.)

Look how far we have come! But we are already starting to fall back. Nature permitting, and with good luck and human cooperation we may yet ascend to the heights, and more quickly than we think. Thank you for your very interesting reply. You've given me things to think about.

**To be, or not to be, that is the question. --Shakespeare**

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