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the singleton of light
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Author:  mothy [ Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  the singleton of light

Once we douse that then there is no hope

We all live in a dark world where money. stress and worry is the norm. This must be cleansed for the sake of the soul who has only a short time on this world. We must rid this burden. We must escape the dark forces that inflict this crap upon us.
The money system is the entrapment of the devil himself.

The banks claim lack of money, the government that are in debt to the banks lend the money to the banks then the banks cripple the country with the debts that the country owes. Its only points on the computer system. Its a con and joe sproggs has to borrow a couple to pair for a pair of socks.

When money talks morals walk away


We are all trapped in the money system. Money is the God everyone hates or loves but needs.

Money rhymes with sunny, it is loved when there is is some


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